ShySets 1.0
-extended shy layer control for After Effects 7
Copyright © 2006
Tuomo Kulomaa

ShySets is an Adobe After Effects script with an interface to control multiple layer's shy switch simultaneously.

It is done to help working with compositions with a large number of layers.

Assign multiple layers to a 'shy set' and control their visibility on the timeline with a single click. Six sets are available.

Work faster and enjoy!

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Download script

16 kb zip-file

Tested on Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional on Windows XP.

ShySets' interface:

How to install?
  1. Download zip-file from this page
  2. Extract shyset_v1_1.jsx to your AE's Scripts/ Startup -folder so it will open everytime After Effects starts.
How to use?
  1. Open your composition.
  2. Click 'Reset all' to fully initialize the script.
  3. Select for instance all audio layers from the composition.
  4. Click 'Set'. A prompt will pop-up asking a descriptive name. Type in something meaningful such as 'Sound files'.
  5. Select for instance all adjustment layers from the comp.
  6. Click second radiobutton to activate second slot and click 'Set'.
  7. Type in the name for this set, such as 'All adjustment layers'.
  8. To hide a set, check the checkbox.
  9. To show a set, simply un-check the set's checkbox.
  10. To clear an assigned shy set activate the set and click 'Clear'.
  11. Status bar will show info of your actions.
  12. Reset all will... erm... reset all and automatically assings all layers to set #6.

Note: ShySets uses internally the layer's number in it's functions so if the number of layer's changes during the use of the script, you will be prompted to confirm would you like to continue or reset all. It is recommended to use ShySets-script after you have built all the layers in your composition.

Copyright © 2006 Tuomo Kulomaa
ShySet is provided as a freeware and as-is and
has no warranty what so ever. All rights reserved. ()